Established in 2003


Who is Jean Farris?

Benjamin Farris O’Daniel and Jeanie Lynn Looney O’Daniel founded Jean Farris Winery & Bistro August 2003.


It all started when…

The story of Jean Farris began in August of 1997 on a University of Kentucky sponsored bus tour of Missouri wine country. Jeanie had just completed her Bachelor of Science Degree in Food Science from the University of Kentucky and had planted her family’s farm in Eastern Kentucky with several hundred grapevines. Upon learning of the educational wine tour Jeanie quickly packed her bags. Ben had been working with his father Eddie O’Daniel on their family winery and vineyard property, Springhill Vineyards, in Springfield, Kentucky and Eddie was the acting President of the Kentucky Vineyard Society. He was unable to attend the Missouri wine tour so he sent his son Ben for the tour.  

The tour bus boarded in Bowling Green, Kentucky early on August 4, 1997, Ben and Jeanie quickly made fast friends as they were easily the youngest people on the bus by 30 years. They spent that week falling in love and exploring their shared passion for food and wine. The Jean Farris story began on that wine tasting tour of Missouri.